Ozmali Deco was designed and painted by Steven Hekkeleheikever, combining plants, ancient geometric elements, organic shapes and fluoro colors in a playful way, to create a mix of old and new, techno and nature, resulting in a psychedelic 3d jungle atmosphere …

Ozmali Deco started operating in summer 2006, with the wish to create a line of original decoration to fit with the Ozmali live act and dj sets …

But due to great interest from other party organisations, Ozmali Deco since then has featured at Space Boogie [Finland] , Widervisions [Finland], Psydonymmedia [Germany], Brainstorm [Germany], Natural Elements [Norway], Freaks of Nature [Netherlands], Freqs of Nature [Germany], Mantratribe [Switzerland], Vortex [South Africa], and many other events.

For upcoming events featuring Ozmali deco check the events page on our homepage >>, or follow us on facebook

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